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Hello there!

Every person is completely unique, so why would you think every offering is a good fit for you? Underneath you find my different astrology offerings.


No matter where you are in your unique journey, astrology can help you grow and expand. Each lifestyle astrology offering has their own soul and specific impact. Discover your perfect session below! If in doubt, you can always contact me to find the best possible match.

Lifestyle Astrology


Astrological Guidance Session
  • Get guidance on different life themes: career path, personal care, romantic life, supporting your health, your strengths and weaknesses...
  • Laserfocus on those topics in your birth chart that get activated
  • Important transits and progressions on your future path and how to deal with them gracefully
  • Prioritize your goals with the underlying themes in your current and next solar return
  • Hands-on tips and tricks to navigate the coming tides
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Embodied Astrology Package
  • 4 different individual sessions on Zoom, each covering and diving deep into a personal theme for transformation
  • Deep dive into your astrology chart surrounding 4 chosen themes: psychological make-up, soul's path, spiritual blueprint, physical health, career path...
  • Extra personal emails with your personal lunar transits to fully experience and live your chart
  • More specialized astrological components with advanced techniques and cosmic bodies such as asteroids, centaurs, progressed moon cycle…
  • Special focus on your inherited birth chart patterns
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Soul Reconnect Personal Workshop
  • One 3 hour session and 2 follow up sessions to make sure you integrate all material into your core
  • Connect deeply with your intuition by using exercises, visualizations and meditations
  • Get a birds eye view perspective on your astrology chart and insights into the larger life cycles
  • Break through energetic blockages that are holding you back right now
  • Reconnect with your soul's journey and receive a soul's path reading that you can cherish
  • Deep dive into your limiting beliefs and hands-on tools to start debunking those myths
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