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Virgo Sun people tend to have health problems connected to the body parts ruled by this sign. We will see more digestive issues in this sign. This text underneath is for information purposes only. If you do have some serious health issues, please contact your physician first!


Health tips for the Virgo Sun

As a Sun in Virgo, you are prone to problems with your intestinal tract. Your liver is slow and fussy, causing a sensitivity to environmental toxins. Luckily Virgo Sun persons tend to watch their health and nutrition carefully! You should be careful with your intake of fats, since you can have trouble metabolizing these. The use of some lemon or other acidic foods when eating fatty, can be a great help for their digestion.


It is important to be on the watch for dietary extremes in these sun signs. They often elect a vegan or vegetarian diet and have trouble eating large amounts. A Sun in Virgo should never be forced to finish their plate or eat something they disdain. It is best to eat small portions often with a very sober amount of different ingredients. Raw foods are not suited for the Sun in Virgo and can badly irritate the bowel. Since you better only eat small amounts, it is important to watch your daily caloric intake.


Time to revisit your sleep in Virgo season

Nervous health is primordial

The digestion must make choices all the time. It must decide what is rubbish and what is nutritive. If the digestion is running low, we can see the Virgo having trouble deciding. You don’t know what responsibilities to take on and which ones to ignore. This can put an excessive strain on your nervous system. If you are using excess daily amounts of vitamins, minerals, and herbs, this can further harm your body. 

Taking plenty of time to nourish your nerves and mind with good foods and a proper mental diet can do wonders. It is important for you to take lots of time relaxing, resting, sleeping, and doing nothing. You will need less sleep than others, but you should be aware not to take it to the extremes. Taking regular time of your cell phone can be a good starting point.

Health balancing in Virgo season

The Virgo season is the time of the year to take care of your nervous system. It can be wise to take some royal jelly every day and to eat lots of B vitamins. These can be found in great numbers in nutritional yeast for example. When the Sun is in Virgo it can be a good idea to take a closer look at your sugar intake. If you are eating a lot of sweets, this can negatively impact your nervous system. By reducing mindfully your intake, you can diminish fatigue and brain fog. Starting a meditation practice can be a good idea this month. Look for ways to add more relaxation to your daily schedule.


A good picnic can do wonders in Virgo season

Sleep can be a good focal point in Virgo season to take care of. By using some quality honey every night before bedtime, you can improve your sleep. Try to be mindful of screen time before bed and look for ways to improve your sleep hygiene. If you don’t have enough darkness in your bedroom, it can be the ideal time to go hunt some new curtains.

Clean your home environment

Another good idea this month is reducing the number of products in your home environment that are toxic. Go through all your cosmetics and try to discard everything that is harming your body. Or decide to go plastic free this month and reduce your waste. It is in all cases a good month to improve your environment and give it a health upgrade.


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