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Some souls are simply different. They don’t feel at home on Earth. The overwhelming sense of not belonging here is ever-present. They long to return to their true home, but they have no idea where that might be. The life of a “Starseed” can be quite challenging. They are accustomed to living on a different frequency and vibration than Earth’s 3D world. For them, Earth can feel heavy, and they often struggle to manifest their desires due to the different rules compared to their home.

What are Starseeds?

A Starseed is an individuals whose origin is not from Earth. There are many types of Starseeds. Most of those here now to assist in Earth’s transition to 5D have prior experience with earthly life. Some have gone through many lifetimes on Earth, while others are relatively new to this experience. All of them have chosen to participate in this experiment of life, but it’s far from simple.

Earth is a unique planet where various galactic races converge to learn to coexist within the physical constraints of our bodies and the planet. Earth serves as a school for lessons related to Saturn. It’s a place where one learns responsibility and encounters boundaries. How one deals with these matters varies.

Some people struggle with these lessons and seek non-dualism as a response. Non-dualism is a spiritual belief that everything is interconnected and related, eliminating dualities. Opposites are seen as constructs of the mind and not real. This resonates more with their home planet. However, bypassing the valuable Earth lessons can feel like homesickness, where thoughts alone could manifest desires. The challenge is to integrate these higher vibrations within Earth’s energy and context.


a starseed has an extraordinary aura

How do you know if you’re a Starseed?

If you frequently identify with the following statements, you may be a Starseed:

– You feel like you don’t belong on Earth.

– You believe it’s your mission to improve the Earth.

– You question many things that seem illogical to you, even if others find your questions absurd.

– “This is just the way we’ve always done it” is a response you often hear.

– You want to contribute but often don’t know how.

An inherent interest in spirituality is also a common trait, but this might be a given, as you’re reading this.

Types of Starseeds

There are various types of Starseeds, each with a unique role on Earth:

– Pleiadian Starseeds: Highly empathetic individuals who believe they have a significant mission on Earth. They are skilled healers with an interest in astrology, metaphysics, and astronomy.

– Sirian Starseeds: They lead a simple spiritual life and are open-minded. They feel a deep connection to nature and animals but may struggle with emotions and feelings.

– Arcturian Starseeds: Natural leaders with high intelligence, adept at guiding plans. They are proficient in channeling and tarot.

– Andromedan Starseeds: Seekers of freedom who observe others. This is a rarer type with a unique, personal mission from the 12th dimension.

– Lyran Starseeds: Natural authorities with passion and grounding, belonging to an ancient race with ancient knowledge.



as a starseed you are struck by specific challenges

Challenges of the Starseed

Many Starseeds come from regions where a higher vibration prevails. This means they have been highly compressed to fit into human bodies on Earth. Consequently, they often struggle with health issues such as fatigue, depression, and chronic illnesses. Conventional healthcare doesn’t provide relief; they require subtler healing methods like energy work, healing, gemstones, herbs, or aromatherapy.

Starseeds also find it challenging to adapt to Earth and feel safe here. They often choose families with lower vibrations to heal family traumas. These families often carry a heavy emotional burden. Therefore, they don’t easily experience safety, security, and unconditional love. It’s essential for them to learn to love themselves unconditionally before experiencing safety and security.

Starseeds also face difficulties in manifesting things in the real world due to their struggle to ground on Earth. This process sometimes involves reconnecting with their home energy and then transforming it into the Earth’s 3D reality. Methods that can help include Stargate meditations and working with the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records are a repository of high-energy vibrations containing all potential life paths from the past, present, and future of everything that exists. Those granted access to this expansive library can unlock the Akashic Records of individuals, animals, residences, plants, gemstones, enterprises, relationships—essentially, anything. Within the Akashic Records, one can retrieve information about diverse life trajectories and engage in the transformation of contracts and agreements, spanning not only the current lifetime but also past and future incarnations.

Do you feel like you want to explore your own challenges as a Starseed and learn how to live on planet Earth? I’ve got you covered. Book your free alignment call to see how we can work together.

Explore your cosmic origins and tackle your challenges

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