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Do you long to break through the blockages that stand in your way of moving forward? When Julie booked a soul reconnect retreat, she was trapped in a cycle of codependency with her partner. These patterns were on endless repeat throughout her entire life.

With the help of her astrology chart we uncovered the origin of this pattern and searched for another outlet for this energy. The soul reconnect retreat uses astrology as a map, but also combines my multiple healing modalities. By using my Access Bars® clearing statements, we cleared and loosened up these connections in Julie’s brain to make room for new methods.

Each of us has an inner sage within us. The biggest issue is that we have lost track on how to contact this powerful and intelligent part of ourselves. In the soul reconnect retreat we peel off the layers to make contact with your own inner core and return to this primal force inside of us.

What the soul reconnect retreat offers:

  • Connect deeply with your intuition by using exercises, visualizations and meditations
  • Get a birds eye view perspective on your astrology chart and insights into the larger life cycles
  • Break through energetic blockages that are holding you back right now
  • Reconnect with your soul’s journey and receive a soul’s path reading that you can cherish
  • Deep dive into your limiting beliefs and hands-on tools to start debunking those myths
  • One 3 hour session and 2 follow up sessions to make sure you integrate all material into your core
  • Recordings will be provided after the Zoom session
  • Get a recorded soul’s path reading right into your inbox
  • You will get your own private recorded meditation session tailored to your own processes as discussed in the 3 hour session.
  • A blend of astrology, oracle cards, energetic techniques out of Access Bars®, meditations, visualizations…

It’s time to let go of the chains you have been wearing. Do you want to establish a true connection with your own intuition and primal power? Then this soul reconnect retreat can be your match made in heaven. If you want to find out what this retreat would have in store for you, book your alignment call right away. 

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