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Take a deep dive into your own attachment patterns and love life.


Valentine’s Day Special – Get an in-depth reading of your astrology chart relationship pattern. Whether you are currently single or having a long term relationship, this is for you!

Your astrology chart shows what you most desire in a partner and how you relate to others. Find out your attachment patterns and your blind spots. With this information you can take all your personal relationships to the next level.

When you live in synchronicity with your own birth chart, it will be easier to relate to others. You’ll learn exactly where your challenges are in all your personal relationships. 


What to expect:

  • Discover which qualities you are likely to project onto partners
  • Get insights into your attachment patterns from childhood
  • Dive deeper into your astrology relationship potential
  • Learn how to connect more deeply with others
  • Understand who you’re attracted to based on your birth chart
  • Individual reading of your relationship patterns by a one hour Zoom call
  • Recording of the session and all used material will be transferred after the session


Duo extended package:

  • Two chart readings in one session. Get a duo-reading of the interaction of both of your charts and your relationship goals
  • Get a recording of the interaction of your charts and what relationship lessons and goals are typically of your interaction.
  • Available for romantic relationships, friendships, family interactions.


Uncover your relationship patterns and learn how to build thriving relationships.


Book this individual relationship pattern session and give yourself a unique view into your relating potential.


Book this duo extended version together with your loved one, dear friend or family member and get an interaction reading on top of your two individual readings.


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