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Astrology is a powerful tool which can be used to reach that mountain peak faster. I like the tangible and concrete version of astrology where the abstract art of astrology is translated into the concrete form. Hence this monthly inspiration letter is loaded with hands-on advice and practicalities which can bring more ease into your life.

By understanding the cosmic weather ahead of us, you are able to know what to focus on in your own life. By reconnecting with the cosmic tides and attuning into the celestial compass, you can head towards a healthier version of yourself. What would it mean to live more in sync with the cosmos?

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  • Discover the astrological weather ahead of you
  • Get healthcare tips based on the cosmic patterns in the sky
  • Discover interesting blog posts and other material to really ground the months energy
  • Providing better life understanding
  • Know what is coming
  • Be the first to discover new information, webinars, services
  • Get hints of interesting literature or materials to dive deeper
  • Monthly check-in with yourself
  • Get exclusive discounts and offers

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