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Do you ever wonder why you always suffer from headaches while everyone else seems to have none? Each individual has other sensitivities. We are unique and so is our health.

What would knowing the real cause of your ailments mean to you? You could anticipate the complaints and break the underlying patterns simultaneously. And you would know when to support certain organ systems in time. Wouldn’t this mean a big upgrade in your well-being?

All this information can be found in your unique birth chart. Your own birth chart takes you onto a journey in your body. You will maintain different tools to strengthen your health and prevent illness. Do you long for more vitality? Embark on your personal ride through your health profile.

What can you expect from the health pattern reading?

  • Detect the organ systems that need some extra support.
  • Know when complaints can manifest more strongly and what to do about this.
  • Discover the foods that support your physical condition.
  • Find out which psychological and environmental factors play a role in your chronic ailments.
  • Discover the lifestyle that really suits your needs.
  • Experience more vitality and strength.
  • Interactive 1-on-1 conversation of 1 hour about your health profile via Zoom.
  • Recorded session is provided afterwards with all relevant materials
  • Receive detailed tips and tricks to support your well-being at home.

Are you longing to support your well-being in a holistic way? This health pattern reading is a real game changer. You get a unique tool to support your physical fitness. Ready to discover your healthy counterpart?

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