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How amazing would it be if you could effortlessly and gracefully run your business? You’d have a clear vision of the offerings you want to bring to the market and the perfect way to communicate to attract your ideal customers. Does it sound too good to be true? Not really! Your birth chart can guide you towards a business that’s uniquely yours.

Once you embrace your true self, you’ll naturally stay aligned with your authenticity. You can start embracing your areas of expertise and truly own them. No more struggling for months to implement a marketing strategy that just doesn’t feel right.

With the help of astrology, Human Design, and the Akashic Records, the quest for what your business should look like comes to an end. We can see exactly what aligns with you and what works best for you. By accepting and celebrating who you are, you’ll tap into an endless well of creative power to craft the business you’ve always envisioned. No more, no less.

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Ready to launch your unique business into the world?

Being an entrepreneur was a role that felt quite unfamiliar. I left behind the security of a full-time job in IT because I sensed it no longer resonated with my soul’s desires. My daily routine had become mundane, and I eagerly awaited the hours I could dedicate to my side gig. But, of course, bills needed to be paid.

My hesitation also stemmed from the prevailing image of entrepreneurs in this world—constantly chasing higher profits, squeezing every opportunity, and seeking ways to maximize expenses to avoid taxes. Oh, how mistaken I was.

When I took the leap into establishing my own business, I discovered that it was merely an extension of my authentic self. Every time I invested in personal growth, my business evolved alongside me. We were a unified entity that couldn’t be separated easily. The best part? Since taking that step, not a single day has been dull. I get to engage in job crafting daily, which I so desperately needed. Without my business, I would never have experienced such personal growth.

I'm ready to take the leap

What can you anticipate from the Embodied Business Program?

To guide you in crafting an authentic business that aligns with your unique personality, this program commences with a casual alignment conversation and encompasses four distinct sessions. In these sessions, you’ll glean insights from astrology, Human Design, and the Akashic Records. These exceptional tools will aid you in molding your business into a true extension of yourself, making ‘work’ a thing of the past.


  • Wouldn’t it be wonderful if marketing your business no longer felt like a struggle?
  • How empowering would it be to have a clear understanding of which offerings can enable you to make an impact every single day, breathing life into the essence of your business?
  • Imagine the excitement of running your business from a state of constant flow and abundance, where clients are drawn to you because of who you are as an individual.

Indeed, there may be countless people with similar business ideas, but there’s only one ‘you’! Your birth chart is so unique that finding a duplicate is an impossibility. The Akashic Records are equally resolute in this regard. The wisdom from your past lives is exclusively yours.

To allow you to focus on soaking up knowledge, we’ll provide you with recordings of our sessions. This way, you can revisit and explore them more deeply to understand your personal blueprint. It’s a genuinely magical experience that warrants the time to fully absorb these insights.

The more ambitious souls, such as yourself, who opt not to settle for an ordinary life, the more potential we unlock on this planet. The path of an entrepreneur may not be the simplest, but it’s the one that enables you to become your authentic self. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Embark on your journey today!

Why this program?

I observe so many people around me struggling with businesses that have immense potential. It appears that they haven’t yet found their way to self-discovery and self-confidence. Having experienced the transformation that understanding my own birth chart has initiated, I’m eager to share it with you! It’s akin to the caterpillar that suddenly becomes a butterfly. Initially, it felt vulnerable and fragile to set aside the demands and questions of others.

With the assistance of astrology, Human Design, and the Akashic Records, I’ve been able to persist on my entrepreneurial journey. No matter how bumpy the path becomes, I possess an inner compass and a clear direction. Every time I delve a little deeper into my self-worth, I uncover that I truly possess all the capabilities required to bring my dream life to reality. All I had to do was take the leap.

Does all of this sound incredibly exciting to you? I’ve got your back! This is precisely why I offer the alignment conversation free of charge and with no obligation. You can simply listen to what I can offer to assist you in building the business of your dreams and decide later if it aligns with your goals. There are no hard feelings if it’s not the right fit!

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