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Learning to embody your birth chart is a lifelong process. By bringing the chart to life in the embodied astrology package, you can grasp your soul’s journey and lessons, and start living up to your full potential in this world. The key insights you take away from these sessions may blow your mind. Others will surely be a confirmation of your deep inner knowing. 

Anna was one of those clients who took a deep dive into her astrology chart. We worked through 4 different themes: health support, relationship dynamics and attachment patterns, work-life balance and her soul’s lessons. 

She learned how to support her physical issues and unbalanced organs and which foods best nourish her body and soul. When discussing her relationship dynamics her jaw dropped. She suddenly realized the nature of her relationship patterns. These insights gave her a way forward into creating more loving relationships. 

Anna had a really hard time with work-life balance, and was a self-described workaholic. Together, we looked into those patterns in her chart and discovered some energies to counterbalance this side of her personality. I provided Anna with a personal relaxation audio exercise to use when the ride gets tough. The insights into the lessons she has chosen as a soul made her realize where she’s at in her curriculum and what next steps there are to take. Many of her past experiences made much more sense after the embodied astrology sessions.

What you can expect in the embodied astrology package:

  • 4 different individual sessions on Zoom, each covering and diving deep into a personal theme for transformation
  • In-depth reading of your astrology chart surrounding 4 chosen themes: psychological make-up, soul’s path, spiritual blueprint, physical health, career path…
  • Personal worksheets and exercises based on your themes and chart to really embody the material
  • Extra personal emails with your personal lunar transits to fully experience and live your chart
  • More specialized astrological components with advanced techniques and cosmic bodies such as asteroids, centaurs, progressed moon cycle…
  • Special focus on you inherited birth chart patterns
  • 4 in-depth session on Zoom
  • Recorded session is provided afterwards with all relevant materials
  • Personal follow up during the process where you can send in additional questions or use me as a sparring partner

Astrology shouldn’t just be theoretical. I make your chart tangible so you can live up to your wildest expectations with this powerful guidance tool. Are you ready to meet the real you and to explore some topics in depth? 

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