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Do you feel like your personal, work and/or romantic life is not living up to your expectations? Barbara also felt that way before she booked an astrological guidance session with me. She knew that something was off but had no idea what needed to shift.

Maybe you’re in the same place? You don’t know which road to take or what to prioritize. Instead of moving forward, you have come to a standstill. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle nudge to get you going again.

Your astrology chart is your own personal compass. It gives you the roadmap you have been looking for. The stars are your ideal travel guide through each day’s cosmic tides. They help you hit milestones towards your dreams in a way you wouldn’t have imagined before.

When you live in synchronicity with your own birth chart, you know what to focus on. You’ll know exactly where to put in the extra effort after this astrological guidance session. 

This astrological guidance session is not an automated report. It’s a personalized live conversation where I translate the insights of your birth chart active in the coming year.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Get guidance on different life themes: career path, personal care, romantic life, supporting your health, your strengths and weaknesses…
  • Laserfocus on those topics in your birth chart that get activated
  • Important transits and progressions on your future path and how to deal with them gracefully
  • Prioritize your goals with the underlying themes in your current and next solar return
  • Hands-on tips and tricks to navigate the coming tides
  • One individual session with Zoom
  • The recorded session will be sent to you afterwards with all of the used charts and transit listings
  • Customer care guarantee: Additional questions can be submitted for answer by mail or short video

And for Barbara the results exceeded her best expectations. The insights she gained gave her the momentum to make those hard decisions and take the next steps. It was crystal clear where her priorities should be. Sometimes all we need is a gentle hand and touch of magic to get going. The astrological guidance session was Barbara’s first step towards her dream life.

Do you want to pave the way to your dream life? Stop wasting time on printed astrology reports and your friends’ advice. The answers you are looking for are right inside of you. Find your steps to free up energy to make your dreams come true. Book your call today!

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