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Scorpio Sun people tend to have health problems connected to the body parts ruled by this sign. We will see more problems with all excretory functions in this sign. This text underneath is for information purposes only. If you do have some serious health issues, please contact your physician first!


Health tips for the Scorpio Sun

If you have your Sun in Scorpio, you will likely need some assistance in detoxing your body of toxins. When your system has too many toxins to process you can have intense body odor problems, acne, excessive sweating… It is important to support your body in detoxing regularly by taking detox baths or using some cleansing herb tea. If you are stacking toxins in your body, you are likely to get chronic ailments linked to toxin overload.

Massage as a way to clear toxins in scorpio season

The toxins you don’t take in, are toxins you won’t have to get out. So be mindful of what you eat, the stuff you buy for your household, your cleaning products, your cosmetics. Choosing your home environment carefully can already reduce the risk of an overload of toxins. Another way to reduce the toxic load is supporting your excretion. Next to baths and herbs, you can choose to see a practitioner that helps your body to detox physically with manual therapies. Be very alert if you have constipation problems or urinary tract issues. These systems are primordial to detox your waste products.


If you are having hemorrhoids, this is a sign to take care of your liver! Try to cut out alcohol, red meat, and chocolates out of your diet. If you are having hormonal troubles like endometriosis, it is good to go see a professional on these matters to make sure your liver isn’t working overtime. You can support your liver tending to your healthy diet and using liver supporting herbs like Milk Thistle.


Health balancing in Scorpio season

Scorpio season is a good moment to take some time to clear your lymphatic system. Since the lymphatic system consists of lots of watery liquids, a good start is drinking lots of pure and fresh water. You could look for a therapist to drain your lymphatic system with a special massage technique, but a normal massage will also be beneficial in this period. Movement is key to get the lymph going. So go on a daily walk and move that body of yours.


Find the light in you misty head in scorpio season

Since Scorpio is so linked to the excretory functions, this is the ideal time to do a parasite cleansing cure. You could also choose to restore your gut health by indulging in lots of fermented foods and eat lots of fibers. Especially if you are prone to vaginal candidiasis problems, it is good to put your gut back in shape.


Time to clean out your psychological closet!

This period of the year is nice to clear out some of your psychological issues and traumas. You will see much more effect of your psychotherapy practice. If you always hesitated to try self-suggestion techniques or hypnosis, this is your moment! All kinds of visualization techniques work as a charm now. If you like the more bodily approach, it is an excellent time to start a course on aromatherapy to relax your body and mind.


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Do you want to read more about this subject? I got my inspiration from Judith Hill’s Medical Astrology For Health Practitioners. More information around this subject can be found in her books.

Your personal health protocol​

What would knowing the real cause of your ailments mean to you? You could for instance anticipate the complaints and break the underlying patterns simultaneously. And you would moreover know when to support certain organ systems in time. Wouldn’t this mean a big upgrade in your well-being?

In short all this information can be found in your unique birth chart. Your own birth chart takes you onto a journey in your body. Hence you will maintain different tools to strengthen your health and prevent illness. Do you long for more vitality? Therefore embark on your personal ride through your health profile.

What can you expect from the health pattern reading?


  • Detect the organ systems that need some extra support.
  • Know when complaints can manifest more strongly and what to do about this.
  • Discover the foods that support your physical condition.
  • Find out which psychological and environmental factors play a role in your chronic ailments.
  • Discover the lifestyle that really suits your needs.
  • Experience more vitality and strength.


Are you longing to support your well-being in a holistic way? This health pattern reading is a real game changer. Therefore you get a unique tool to support your physical fitness. Ready to discover your healthy counterpart?


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