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Leo Sun people tend to have health problems connected to the body parts ruled by this sign. We will see more back ache problems and heart issues in this sign. This text underneath is for information purposes only. If you do have some serious health issues, please contact your physician first!


Health tips for the Leo Sun

People with their Sun in Leo have excellent vitality. Sometimes they end up with a lack of energy because they are bad in managing their energy. They are likely to misspend a lot of energy in wild pleasures. With high blood pressure due to their lifestyle choices. Sometimes Leos use a lot of beer and booze. Their use of alcohol can be problematic.


The diet of the Leo Sun is not always the healthiest one. They should watch out with caffeine, stimulants, spices, alcohol, and red meat. Cutting back on meat consumption is a healthy choice for them. And since Leo is the hottest of all signs, they are prone to heat-related complaints. They should drink lots of pure water and watch for signs of dehydration. Having a diet rich in cooling fruits and salads can be helpful to replenish the stocks.


walking the seashore in Leo season

The fat metabolism of a Leo Sun is not what it should be. They are prone to gall malfunction. Since fats are what hormones are made of, we can suspect some hormonal imbalances in this sign when the fat metabolism is not functioning correctly. They are prone to heart conditions which are also linked to excess oxidated cholesterol in the body. The liver produces 90% of our cholesterol. It can be good to get regular check-ups in this metabolism and intervene early in preventing strokes and other life-threatening conditions.


Health balancing in Leo season

The Leo season is an excellent season to tend to a diet rich in cooling fruits and salads in the northern hemisphere. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies are available this time of the year. Try to drink a lot of water in this month. You can infuse your water with some herbs, fruits, or veggies. A very refreshing drink can be made by infusing your water with lemon juice and cucumber pieces.

Circulation and heart health

Walking in nature is a good habit to take on in this season. By balancing the venous and arterial circulation with mild exercise you will create a great health benefit. Especially your legs should be moving in this season. One refreshing idea on a hot summer day can be to walk barefoot at the seashore. The water of the ocean can be pretty cooling. If you are mindful to take enough water along to drink, this can be a very pleasant activity.


eating fresh fruits in Leo season

Since our hearts are ruled by Leo, it is good to tend to your heart’s health. Our hearts are producing an electrical field. Using techniques to calm and regulate this electrical field can be healthy in this period. Try to get into nature to be infused with a lot of negative ions. Improve your living environment with an ionizer or use some Himalayan salt lamps. Placing some gemstones around your house can also benefit your home atmosphere and health. Try to switch of your electrical devices and WIFI while sleeping during this month to benefit even further. It is a good month to investigate if you are influenced by electrical smog.


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Your personal health protocol​

What would knowing the real cause of your ailments mean to you? You could for instance anticipate the complaints and break the underlying patterns simultaneously. And you would moreover know when to support certain organ systems in time. Wouldn’t this mean a big upgrade in your well-being?

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What can you expect from the health pattern reading?


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  • Discover the lifestyle that really suits your needs.
  • Experience more vitality and strength.


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