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Capricorn Sun people tend to have health problems connected to the body parts ruled by this sign. We will see more skin, joint and bone problems in this sign. This text underneath is for information purposes only. If you do have some serious health issues, please contact your physician first!


Health tips for the Capricorn Sun

Children with the Sun in Capricorn are very fragile. They may need some extra attention to their diet, and skin. When the years go by, the Capricorn grows stronger and stronger. They can be surprisingly strong and tough; their muscular strength is often outstanding. They enjoy useful exercise. You can find them baking, farming, or doing the garden in their spare time.


Enjoy the scenery in Capricorn Season

Your diet as a Capricorn is very delicate. Often you don’t get as much calories as you would need. Malnutrition is a common problem in Capricorns. It is wise to adopt a nutritional program which has special attention to the moisture of your mucosa and intestinal tract. Eating frequently in small portions is a great idea. You must be very diligent with fats. The wrong type of fats can be a great danger to your health. Since the liver and gall bladder are slow in this sign, it is important to cleanse them frequently. A good functioning liver and gall bladder will make metabolizing good fatty acids easier.


A good healthy habit for you as a Capricorn is to drink plenty of fresh pure water. This will help you lubricate your skin and your joints. If you add a pinch of sea salt to the water, you will be able to integrate the water more easily. Sometimes toxins can stack into your joints. This will give you problems which can escalate to rheumatism. It can be a good idea to detox your joints yearly by using nettle leaf tea daily during some weeks according to the dosage of your therapist. You could also consider taking MSM, chondroitine and glucosamine when you are getting issues of arthrosis.


Health balancing in Capricorn season

Since Capricorn season is the darkest season in the northern hemisphere, this period is often spent indoors. It is also the Holiday season where we tend to gather with our loved ones. Try to do some useful exercise whenever you find some time. You can also burn some calories while doing household chores. Bake your bread/cake/… with a lot of love and movement this season.


In this season we cannot forget about music. Music really can be a therapy. Do you know the favorite songs of your loved ones when they ended high school? What kind of bands do they like? Sometimes you can learn interesting fact by digging into the musical past of the ones around you. But maybe you just want to revisit some old songs yourself. Make some time to be nostalgic and relax onto your favorite song from your childhood.


Connecting with music is good when the sun is in Capricorn

Envision your long term goals

Since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, this is an excellent opportunity to set your long-term goals. Make time to reflect on the last year. What was going on? Which lessons did you learn? What can you release? Three important questions to help you wrap up last year. But more important: where do you want to go next? Think big! Don’t try to frame this question in a specific timing yet. The steps will get clear afterwards. Just put that amazing long-term goal on your bucket list and enjoy the scenery while you’re on your way. Take the ambitious energy of Capricorn and store some for the rest of the year. 🙂


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Do you want to read more about this subject? I got my inspiration from Judith Hill’s Medical Astrology For Health Practitioners. More information around this subject can be found in her books.

Your personal health protocol​

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What can you expect from the health pattern reading?


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  • Discover the lifestyle that really suits your needs.
  • Experience more vitality and strength.


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