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Cancer Sun people tend to have health problems connected to the body parts ruled by this sign. We will see more stomach problems, hormonal imbalances, and emotional problems in this sign. This text underneath is for information purposes only. If you do have some serious health issues, please contact your physician first!


Health tips for the Cancer Sun

If you are a Cancer Sun it is important for you to take frequent retreats. You will need to insert a lot of napping time into your schedule. Peace and quiet is very important in your daily environment. You like to surround yourself with beautiful music in a nicely decorated space. What information you take in daily is as essential to your health as eating well. You can be prone to eating disorders which are created by your emotional life.


It is of uttermost importance for you to feel secure and comfortable. If you are having fear based problems, it can be good to work with a therapist to reduce your fears. Underneath your chronic health issues, there are some miasms, family patterns, and childhood traumas. It may be very productive to work through trapped energy patterns of past experiences.


Relax into Cancer emotions

As a Cancer you are very prone to all kinds of emotional imbalances. Luckily you are very sensitive for the subtle energies of the Bach flower remedies. These can be a nice tool in your home pharmacy. A little kindness and affection goes a long way, surround yourself with the right people who uplift your mood. It can be a good idea to have a lot of soft and warm blankets around your house to keep you warm since you tend to run cold with the slightest temperature change. Being under the hot sunny weather and staying in your hot tub for too long can damage your health.


Strong connection with the Moon

Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon you will be strongly influenced by this celestial body. You can feel the lunar tides like no other. This can also create problems with your own lymphatic system with water retention problems. It is important to insert movement into your daily rhythm to make sure you don’t get too much stagnation of your bodily fluids. On the other hand, you can have more menstrual problems as a woman due to your sensitivity to hormones. It can be a good idea to investigate your hormonal health from time to time as a Cancer native.


Health balancing in Cancer season

The Cancer season is the best season to investigate family patterns and trauma. You can bring those to light and work through them in a thorough way. Addressing trapped energy patterns which are keeping you stuck, can be put on the agenda. Everything that is limiting your ability to shine in this life can be a good focal point to work through in Cancer season.


Since Cancer has a lot to do with our bodily fluids, it can be a good period to drain and refresh these. Drinking more natural water can be a light detox for the Cancer season. Together with eating a diet rich in minerals to replenish your mineral reserve, you could strengthen your body.


Bringing balance into your emotions and hormones

Contacting the water element outside or introducing some water elements in your home can be a nice start to embrace the Cancer energy. Since water is linked to emotions, it is a good time to process some emotions with the use of for instance some Bach flower remedies or a therapist. The use of music therapy can be very helpful in this season to rebalance yourself.


Cancer the sign linked to pregnancy

Since this sign is linked to your hormones, this season can be a good starting point to look into your own hormonal balances. Every hormonal imbalance gets worse with excessive stress. So, investigate stress reduction techniques like yoga or meditation. Or release the tensions on your nervous system by using some tapping from EFT. Everything you can do daily to create more emotional and hormonal balance can be a focal point in this season.

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Do you want to read more about this subject? I got my inspiration from Judith Hill’s Medical Astrology for Health Practitioners. More information around this subject can be found in her books.


Your personal health protocol​

What would knowing the real cause of your ailments mean to you? You could for instance anticipate the complaints and break the underlying patterns simultaneously. And you would moreover know when to support certain organ systems in time. Wouldn’t this mean a big upgrade in your well-being?

In short all this information can be found in your unique birth chart. Your own birth chart takes you onto a journey in your body. Hence you will maintain different tools to strengthen your health and prevent illness. Do you long for more vitality? Therefore embark on your personal ride through your health profile.

What can you expect from the health pattern reading?


  • Detect the organ systems that need some extra support.
  • Know when complaints can manifest more strongly and what to do about this.
  • Discover the foods that support your physical condition.
  • Find out which psychological and environmental factors play a role in your chronic ailments.
  • Discover the lifestyle that really suits your needs.
  • Experience more vitality and strength.


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