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Aries Sun people tend to have health problems connected to the body parts ruled by this sign. We will see more headaches, migraines, seizures, and fevers in this sign. This text underneath is for information purposes only. If you do have some serious health issues, please contact your physician first!

Health tips for the Aries Sun

Aries is a cardinal fire sign connected to our head. If an Aries sun has headaches, this can be a sign of kidney issues. They do have the tendency to dehydrate. Especially their brain and stomach are very sensible to this kind of problems. It is important Aries drink plenty of fresh clean water to hydrate their system. Since they tend to like spicy foods, it is of uttermost importance to balance with lots of refreshing drinks. Therefore if you don’t like the taste of water, it can be a good idea to add some fruits or herbs to infuse.

Their brain will need enough cold pressed oils for a good brain function. Since Aries is more prone to hormonal imbalances, the use of enough essential omega 3 fatty acids is key in their health journey. When your body has enough omega 3 fatty acids and plenty of vitamins and minerals, you will feel the difference in your energy levels. Lowering your daily stress intake, will also be key to balance your hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.

Since Aries tend to run acid, it is above all important they take good care of their food intake. For instance meat, dairy, and carbs tend to make your body more acid. By adding a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables into the diet, the balance can tilt toward a more alkaline state. In other words it is ideal for an Aries sun to tend to their diet and get 80% of alkaline foods with 20% of acid foods. The use of some freshly pressed lemon juice in a glass of water in the morning can help their digestive tract.


Aries sun time to tend your diet

Health balancing in Aries season

Aries season is the ideal timeframe to detox your body by tending to your diet. By adding a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet you can replenish your vitamins and minerals after the winter period. Certainly enter some fresh salads in your meal plan and add some nice cold pressed olive oil on your plate.

If you start your day with a freshly pressed lemon in a glass of water, you kickstart your sloppy digestion. Try to drink plenty of fresh water during this season so you rinse your body from the dark winter period. Having some nice walks in the sun, can brighten your mood. Look for some extra humor, fun and laughter. Above all be playful in this season!

Detoxing and stress reduction

It can be an ideal time to do some detox protocol at the end of the Aries season after tending to your diet. You could try to have a glass or two of birch juice a day if you are not allergic to birch pollen and don’t have any other health problems. The use of 1 liter of nettle tea a day for 2-3 weeks can help you detoxify your tissues. Above are only some examples, other detox protocols can be helpful during this period. It is wise to use a detox protocol under the supervision of a skilled therapist to diminish the risks of adverse effects.

The Aries season can be the best season to start with a mindfulness course or any other activity to clear your mind. Since Aries rules over the adrenal glands, it is an ideal period to lower your stress intake and look for ways to relax. Meanwhile if you have been waiting to start your meditation routine, this is the best time to start!

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Reduce stress with water in Aries sun period


Your personal health protocol

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